My Taco Seasoning

A quick little post here! It is very important for me to use my own mix of spices when I cook. Whether it is just oregano and some dried basil, or a homemade rub. Lately, I have been cooking a lot of Mexican food and I created my own mix.  All I do is put equal parts of each spice in a mason jar, seal it up and give it a shake. Lable it and put it with my spices so it is always there when I need it on the fly and am not using store-bought stuff that is filled with added salt.  Here is my mixture so you can do it too!


1 part Cumin

1 part oregano

1 part garlic powder

2 part chili powder

1 part  paprika

a pinch of salt and pepper


Mix it in a mason jar, use when you need it!





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