Kodi’s Spicey Seafood Linguine

This is a recipe I always ask Kodi to make for me. It is the dish I always request for anniversaries, valentines days and birthdays. Something about him cooking it for me makes it that much better. It is super fast and super easy; Perfect for the seafood lover and you can control the amount of spice that you want. Here is how he does it!



1 tablespoon of butter
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 fresh chilli, minced
6 large scallops
Easy Peasy Pasta Sauce (or your choice of tomato sauce)
250 grams of mussels
200 grams of clams
Parmesan Cheese

In a large pot, prepare the pasta to the package instructions. Meanwhile, in a deep frying pan over medium heat melt the 1-tablespoon of butter and cook the minced garlic and chilli. Quickly sear the scallops and set aside. It is essential that you do not overcook the scallops, as it is easy to do.
Once the scallops are removed add the tomato sauce into the pan with the leftover butter, garlic and chilli and let the sauce heat up. Cook the mussels and clams in the sauce and cover the pan to let the seafood steam. It is a very fast process as it takes about 4 minutes for the shellfish to cook. Once the shells have open up that means they are cooked. Remove any that have not opened up and compost them.

Add the pasta to the pan with a little bit of pasta water, toss it all together and serve with parmesan cheese and a little bit of parsley.



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