The Start of my Food Challenge

I know I have been quiet on my blog with no new posts, but don’t you worry I have a plethora of recipes and ideas coming your way. I don’t like getting too personal, but lately, life has been busy, but not busy, and day-to-day has been everything but exciting. Because of this, I was really feeling in the dumps and very uninspired. But one morning I woke up at 3 am with an idea. Let’s just cook what is in the fridge and freezer because I have a bunch of random stuff. By some miracle, I remembered about my idea when I woke up and told Kodi about it. He said he would be down for that so off I went and dug out every cookbook I own and flipped thru them.


As you can see my fridge and freezer are both full, you would think I would be able to come up with something. But still…nothing.



Day One, I did not create a recipe I found one that I had all the ingredients for. It was from a Gordon Ramsay cookbook, you can find the recipe here. We both really enjoyed the meal, and it was full of flavour. Next time I want to add some pickled carrots or cucumbers to make it fuller and have some texture. It’s all about Trial and error right! If you try the recipe out yourself, let me know how you enjoyed it and if you did any adaptations!



PS. I also have been having some major technical difficulties with my computer so hopefully, that is behind us and I can post my heart out!


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  1. julie says:

    Cooking with what you have on hand is both challenging and rewarding. I’ll look forward to seeing what else you come up with from that full fridge of yours!

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    1. Thanks Julie! My next post will be up soon!

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